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Sexy Curvy Blondes Smiling

Updated October 8, 2020.

I like a pretty smile. I like curvy women that look happy to be modeling. Everyone knows gentlemen prefer blondes.

Sexy Curvy Blondes Flashing Cleavage

Sexy blonde Model Sapphire smiling, biting finger wearing short black dress.
Blonde model Vivian smiling, standing, wearing a open shoulder low cut red dress.
Faith Nelson in blonde pigtails squeezing breasts together showing off her big breasts and cleavage in a low cut top.
Full figured blonde model in sheer blue cami and panty set standing in the doorway of a vintage airstream travel trailer.
Who wants to go camping?
Sexy blonde Charlie Chase in red and white bra and panty set standing at bathroom sink smiling as she pulls her bra straps off her shoulders.
Curvy mature blonde model Alena lifting top flashing big breasts in red bra cleavage
She has a pretty smile.

Want to see awesome bra cleavage pics?

Sexy big breasted Maggie in see through lace lingerie smiling.
Long blonde hair and a pretty smile. Wearing a low cut gray dress showing off her cleavage, squatting, flashing white panties upskirt.

Curvy Blondes Smiling Over Shoulders

These ladies are looking back at you as you enjoy their posteriors. Pretty smiles and big round butts.

Long blonde hair cascading down her back, smiling over her shoulder with her hand on her hip. Wearing pink bikini bottom that shows off her big butt.
Sexy blonde Veronica sitting on porch swing smiling over bare shoulder.
Mature curvy blonde standing bent over, smiling over shoulder. Wearing a tight fitting lilac dress and high heels.
Attractive blonde model in black lingerie and silver high heels squatting at footboard of bed looking over bare shoulder.
Curvy blonde smiling over bare shoulder wearing spaghetti strap top and short skirt standing in front of stone wall.

Enjoy sexy models smiling over bare shoulders?

Curvy Bbonde model Tegan in black bra and striped panties leaning forward looking back over bare shoulder.
Curvy blonde model in tight short striped dress and high heels. Standing with hand on hip smiling

Blondes have more fun, right?

smiling blonde standing in white tank top and panties

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By R Phillips

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