Bare Shoulders

Smiling Over Bare Shoulder

Updated October 5, 2020.

I love a pretty smile. I’m a big fan of compound curves and appreciate a bare shoulder. Put the two together, and the sum is greater than the ingredients.

Here’s a gallery of beautiful models smiling at the camera over their shoulders.

Curvy brunette smiling over shoulder while flashing panties and butt upskirt.
She looks happy.
Sexy blonde with a big pretty smile looking over bare shoulder.
Curvy mature blonde in tight white dress smiling over bare shoulder.
I love a big smile. She looks happy to be modeling.
Bikini model with long dark hair and a pretty smile looking over bare shoulder.
Such a big pretty smile.
Mature amateur laying on belly topless on the beach smiling over her bare shoulder.
Fun in the sun. I could use a day at the beach.
Plus sized bikini model on the beach, wearing a yellow bikini, smiling over bare shoulder
I’m ready to go to the beach.
Standing topless chubby smiling over bare shoulder
Mature blonde, on all fours kneeling smiling over bare shoulder nice ass in tight slip.
Topless redhead smiling over bare shoulder as she pulls her bikini bottom down
She’s watching you appreciate her.
Blonde smiling over bare shoulder wearing floral print camisole and jeans.
Mature blonde lingerie model smiling over bare shoulder and lifting ass cheeks.
Topless brunette model Carla smiling over bare shoulder in an office.
Ava Adam's in black lingerie smiling over bare shoulder in commercial kitchen.
With her long, dark hair.
Redhead bikini model Sophie Dee in blue swimwear kneeling in a lawn sprinkler.
Slippery when wet
Curvy bikini model with long dark hair smiling over bare shoulder.
Topless bikini model in thong smiling over bare shoulder
Bikini model with long blonde hair smiling over bare shoulders.
Happy blonde in short denim shorts standing on sportbike smiling over bare shoulder.
Beautiful Erica pulling skirt down. Wearing sheer top and a black thong
Curvy blonde in tight white pants and black bra halter smiling over bare shoulder
Curvy blonde smiling over shoulder squeezing ass with pink panties pulled down.
Happy blonde smiling over shoulder.
Loving every minute of it.
Cosplay night nurse on all fours in short white skirt smiling over shoulder.
Curvy topless blonde smiling over bare shoulders wearing blue striped boyshorts.
Redhead bikini model in white swimsuit smiling over bare shoulder.
Attractive mature blonde smiling over bare shoulder.
Curvy Platinum blonde smiling over bear shoulder with right pants pulled down exposing her ample butt with star tattoos on each ass cheek.
I’m seeing stars.
Full figured mature blonde in black and blue corset smiling over bare shoulder.
Full figured curly haired blonde smiling over bare shoulder.
Curvy blonde wearing tight white shorts and pink tank top smiling over bare shoulder
Curvy redhead in bikini kneeling on leather couch smiling over bare shoulder as she pulls her bikini bottom down exposing her butt.
Chubby mature blonde in black thong panties bent over pulling jeans down flashing big round butt smiling.
Curvy mature strawberry-blonde in red string bikini smiling over shoulder.

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By R Phillips

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