Bare Shoulders

Beautiful Women Looking Over Bare Shoulder

Updated October 5, 2020

I find a beautiful woman looking over her shoulder seductive; if to almost invite you to follow her; unless she’s a total stranger on the street that’s actually wondering who the creep that’s looking her up and down is. Yeah. Don’t be that guy.

Looking over her shoulder is a classic pose popularized by Vermeer’s Girl With The Pearl Earring. The lack of a definitive expression leave interpretation of her mood in the hands of the viewer.

These ladies offer the more alluring modern twist of more skin. I like the way light plays off the compound curves of a soft shoulder.

Full figured model standing bent over in a tight skirt. Her hair is in her face and she's smiling over her shoulder.
Full figured woman standing outside at sunset wearing tight, short grey dress, looking over bare shoulder
In the light.
Full figured woman with curly hair in tight dress looking over bare shoulder
Pretty blonde in sleeveless blouse and tight skirt looking over bare shoulder.
Topless model in black panties, leaning forward, looking over bare shoulder.
Shiny and curvy
Chubby redhead in fishnet stockings and camisole looking over bare shoulder
Topless model with long dark hair looking over bare shoulder.
Plus sized bikini model kneeling on billiards table looking back over bare shoulder.
Full figured dark haired model on all fours on couch looking over bare shoulder.
Full figured blonde lingerie model Victoria Tyler standing looking over bare shoulder.
Beautiful Victoria
Lingerie model wearing white bra and panties pulling down red skirt.
Full figured blonde in sheer white bra and panties standing in kitchen looking over bare shoulder.
Full figured woman standing in doorway blonde hair in face looking back over bare shoulder wearing red lingerie.
Attractive blonde bikini model standing on the beach long wavy hair flowing down her back as she looks over her bare shoulder
Swimsuit model with long dark hair wearing a white swimsuit sitting on a beach chair.
Full figured swimsuit model with long dark hair. Playing pinball, looking over bare shoulder.
High Score.
Plus sized bikini model on the beach, wearing a yellow bikini, smiling over bare shoulder
I’m ready to go to the beach.
Full figured blonde in tight gym clothes looking over bare shoulder.
Curvy blonde in tight pink pants leaning forward showing off her big ass.
She knows what you’re looking at.

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By R Phillips

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